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CENTRAL%20DEBORAH%20GOLD%20MINE%20WINDING%20ENGINE.JPGBENDIGO%20VINTAGE%20TALKING%20TRAM%203.JPGBendigo Heritage Unwrapped by Train - Saturday 11 May

Join 707 Operations as part of charter train to Bendigo, for the Heritage Unwrapped Festival on Saturday 11 May. The heritage Unwrapped Festival showcases a wealth of attractions in Bendigo, including the Vintage Talking Trams, Bendigo Art Gallery, Central Deborah Goldmine, Golden Dragon Museum, and much more, with most attractions free of charge or by gold coin donation. Book your tickets here.

Departing Melbourne's Southern Cross Station at 8.37 am and arriving into Bendigo at 11.58 am, you will have the afternoon to explore the city built on gold. A focal point of the festival is the cities Vintage Talking Trams.

There is no better way to see the sights of Bendigo than aboard a beautifully refurbished Vintage Talking Tram. Take your time discovering the city by hopping on and off the tram to explore the many parks, attractions, shopping and dining facilities that are within walking distance of the tram stops. Present your train ticket to the tram crews for free, unlimited rides aboard the trams!AUTUMN_160518_50.JPG

Step off at the Tramways Depot and Workshop. Discover the colourful history of our tramcar fleet as you explore the Depot. See first-hand the craftsmanship and techniques that are involved in restoring each tram to its former glory. Bendigo's fleet of Vintage Talking Trams have all been restored here in the Bendigo Tramways Workshop. Trams from all over the country, including Melbourne's City Circle trams, are also restored to their former glory right here.

At North Bendigo Tram terminus, step off to discover Bendigo's rich Chinese heritage at the Bendigo Joss House Temple.

Step off at the Central Deborah Goldmine to explore the city's goldmining history. The surface of the Mine retains many original buildings, such as the Blacksmith's Shop, First Aid Room and Carbide Lamp Room. Be amazed by the Engine Room which contains the Winder that was installed in 1945 and is notable as the only complete working example in Australia. Or perhaps you would like to take an underground tour of the Mine? Become enthralled by Bendigo's underworld as you are guided through the honeycomb of underground tunnels with one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides. With only the light on your cap to light the path you will discover what conditions as a miner were like during the harsh gold rush era. Bookings are essential and can be made upon arrival at the Mine.

The Charing Cross tram stop is located in the very heart of Bendigo. From here, a wealth of attractions are within walking distance, including the Bendigo Art Gallery, the Visitor Information Centre, the Golden Dragon Museum, Soldiers Memorial Institute, the Shamrock Hotel and Rosalind Park.

Bendigo's Heritage Unwrapped Festival is a great day out for all ages and for those keen on discovering the history and culture of one of Australia's landmark regional cities.

707 Operations heritage train features:

- Air conditioned restored 1950's saloon and compartment carriages

- Licensed club and lounge carriages

- Cafe Hudson espresso bar

- Heritage steam locomotive R707

- Relaxed vintage travel atmosphere


Saloon Carriage Seating Lounge Car Compartment Seating

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The train will depart from Melbourne's Southern Cross Station at 8.37am, with suburban stops at Newport (7.30am) and Footscray (8.46am), with a scheduled arrival time into Bendigo of 11:58am.

With a 5.30pm departure from Bendigo, stopping at Footscray (8.20pm) and back into Melbourne's Southern Cross Stations at 8.35pm.

The trip provides a great opportunity for a group of friends and family to have a catch up and enjoy a heritage train trip to the heart of Victoria's goldfields.


Adult $95
Concession (1) $85
Child (3 to 16 yrs) $75
Child (under 3 yrs) free
707 Operations Member $85
One Way to Bendigo $75
One Way from Bendigo $75

(1) Must have a valid concession card

Train Travel Times - Confirmed

The following train times are approximate and subject to change. Please visit our website two days prior to departure to check for any updates.

To Bendigo

Newport Metro Station 7.30 am
Depart Southern Cross Station 8.35 am
Castlemaine Station 11.10 am
Arrive Bendigo Station 11.58 am

From Bendigo

Depart Bendigo Station
5.30 pm
Castlemaine Station
6.15 pm
Footscray Station
8.20 pm
Arrive Southern Cross Station 8.35 pm
Newport Metro Station 9.20 pm

Passengers may join or leave the train at any of the above stations.

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Revised: 3 March 2019