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Sunset over the Harvest

Sleeping Carriage Weekend Tour

Friday 13 to Sunday 15 of March 2020

Join 707 Operations on our next overnight sleeping carriage excursion for a weekend of fun and excitement that you won't easily forget, with lasting memories and new found travel companions and friends as we travel to Manangatang, a remote town in North-Western Victoria with a population of just 479 residents on our Forgotten Freight Lines Tour. Book your tickets here.

Our heritage diesel hauled sleeping carriage train will depart Melbourne Southern Cross at 10.30 pm on Friday evening. Settle in to your private and very comfortable roomette or twinette sleeping compartment as we leave the suburbs behind, passing large regional townships such as Ballarat and Maryborough in the hours of darkness.

As the sun begins to rise, you'll wake to views of grain fields that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Enjoy breakfast as we travel over the Korong Vale to Manangatang branch line, pausing at both Boort and Quambatook stations where you can leave the train to stretch your legs.

Upon arrival into Manangatang, you'll have free time to explore the township before choosing from one of our optional afternoon tours of travel by bus to:

- Redcliffs for an excursion on the Redcliffs Historical Steam Railway, with locomotive “Lukee”, a Kerr-Stuart steam locomotive that was built in 1901 and a local pub dinner

- the border towns of Robinvale and Euston for a town tour with visits to Robinswood Homestead, The Euston-Robinvale bridge and the Euston Lock & Weir 15 on the Murray River with a local pub dinner.

On Sunday morning, you'll wake to breakfast as we roll through rich grain growing regions on our return journey to Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne. With brief stops offered in Maryborough and Ballarat, our journey returns from Ballarat to Melbourne via the Ballarat to North Geelong freight only track. On the return we will offer Geelong based passengers the option to leave the service at North Shore.

Our train will arrive back into Melbourne's Southern Cross station at 8.00 pm on Sunday, in time to connect with the evening V/Line and Metro Trains services to take you home after this amazing weekend.


Twinette Roomette Non AC Twinette

We also have the option of one-way travel from Maryborough and Ballarat to Melbourne Sunday afternoon, this tour includes an evening dinner service on the train.

Our heritage train features:

- Cafe Hudson espresso bar

- Licenced Club Carriages Victoria and BK 708

- Air conditioned restored 1950's carriages

- Relaxed vintage travel atmosphere

- Full cooked breakfasts each morning

- A range of travel and sleeping options

- Two course dinner Saturday night

- Light lunches both days on the train

- Tour options while in Manangatang

Travel Options

We have range of travel options for the trip (weekend trip options include all meals) including:

- The NAM Carriage: Premium Twinette private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private shower and wash basin with all amenities provided, a private toilet is located in each sleeping compartment.

- The LAN Carriage: Premium Roomette private sleeping compartment for one person with a lounge seat by day and bed by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a wash basin with all amenities provided, shared shower facilities are located at the end of the carriage and shared toilet facilities are located in this carriage.

- The SJ Carriage: Standard Twinette private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private shower and wash basin, with shared toilet facilities in adjoining carriages.

- WANDO Non-Air Conditioned use as Twinette or Large Roomette: in our Edwardian carriage WANDO, private sleeping compartment for up to two people with lounge seats by day and bunk beds by night (including linen). Each compartment contains a private wash basin, with shared shower and toilet facilities located in adjoining carriages.

- One way seats from Quambatook/Boort/Maryborough and Ballarat to Melbourne Sunday 15 March, including meals.


Saloon Carraige Seating Compartment Seating


Book tickets here.


The NAM Carriage - Premium Twinette Sleeper (for two people) $595 pp -
The LAN Carraige - Premium Roomette Sleeper (for one person) $595 pp -
The SJ Carriage - Standard Twinette Sleeper (for two people) $545 pp - sold out
WANDO - Non-AC Twinette Sleepter (for one or two people) $495 pp - sold out
Quambatook/Boort to Melbourne - One Way (SUnday) $120 pp
Motorcader Donation (2)


(2) For those motorcading our train to photograph, please consider donating towards the costs of running our trip.

Train Travel Times - to be confirmed

The following train times are approximate and subject to change. Please visit our website two days prior to departure to check for any updates.

To Manangatang - Friday 13 March

Depart Southern Cross Station
10.30 pm
Ballarat (Saturday)
2.30 am
Maryborough 4.00 am
Korong Vale 5.30 am
Boort 6.40 am
Quambatook 8.10 am
Arrive Manangatang (Saturday)
2.00 pm

From Manangatang- Sunday 15 March

Depart Managatang (Sunday)
4.00 am
Quambatook 10.20 am
Boort 11.40 am
Korong Vale 1.00 pm
2.30 pm
Ballarat 4.20 pm
North Shore 6.20 pm
Arrive Southern Cross Station
8.00 pm

Please note for this trip we will not be boarding passengers at our Newport Depot.

Download the Sunset over the Harvest tour booking form HERE.

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Revised: 26 February 2020