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Moving Museum and Safety Management Policy

Seven - O - Seven Operations Inc., through its operations as a moving museum, members and public interface, is committed to the safe maintenance and provision of our Moving Museum of heritage rolling stock, we are an accredited Rollingstock Operator with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator.

Our Moving Museum Policy is focused on bring our heritage, locomotives and carriages from across the Victorian, South Australian and New South Wales Government Railways to life through the lived experience of being able to visit, travel on or watch our collection move through Victoria and New South Wales. Our Moving Museum collection is focused on being able to travel with heritage railways locomotives and carriages from the 1950's onwards, representing the different periods of operators and travel experiences, including named trains such as the Southern Aurora, The Overlander and The Vinelander. We continually seek to acquire, maintain and restore rollingstock for our Moving Museum collection that meets this purpose.

The Board of Seven - O - Seven Operations Inc. is committed to ensuring that both volunteer and paid employees are provided with facilities and mechanisms to ensure that, notwithstanding the heritage moving museum nature of our operations, all are afforded a working environment in keeping with the requirements and commensurate with the requirements of the task.