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Seven - 0 - Seven Operations Inc. is a small, wholly independent rail heritage group whose mission is bring our moving museum:

  • to provide an environment in which the skills and work practices associated with railway rolling stock, no longer in regular service are preserved and passed on to future generations
  • to use these skills in the maintenance of steam locomotive R707, and other heritage rolling stock, so that the people of Victoria may continue to experience, and be inspired by, the sight, sound and smell of a steam locomotive at work on the mainline
  • to support, and to be part of, the tourist industry by providing comfortable family friendly and affordable slow rail day and weeknd train tours to regional centres in in Victoria.

Seven - 0 - Seven Operations has exclusive occupation of Roads 7 and 8 in the Newport West Block Rail Workshops where we restore and maintain our heritage locomotives and carriages.

You can learn more about our mainline operating trains and Slow Rail Journeys by visiting www.slowrailjourneys.com.au